Oct 03

September 2011

As the world turns,and technology evolves faster than the speed of light, it’s time for NHDA to advance to the 21st century. It’s not always easy to keep up with the latest technology, because in many cases it’s time and dollars.

However, NHDA is working at coming up to speed with technology.

1. NHDA is on Facebook at National Hand Dance Association. We will be looking into setting up a Twitter account as well. But in the meantime, visit us on Facebook.

2. NHDA will be working on texting it’s members on when and where NHDA meetings will take place.

3. NHDA will be using Constant Contact for sending out its newsletters with news, events and the monthly Community Events Calendar.

4. AND THE BEST NEWS OF ALL….The NHDA website will be getting an “Extreme Makeover” within the next few weeks. So please forgive the outdated information on this current website. The new website design will be attractive and easy to navigate.

We, at NHDA, welcome the up to the minute changes in how the organization operates in its mission to Preserve, Educate and Promote the artform of Hand Dance.
Sincerely yours,

Beverly Lindsay-Johnson, President