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Elizabeth Clark-Lewis, Historian

Elizabeth Clark-Lewis, PhD  is Professor of History at Howard University and the Director of the Public History Program. The former Director of GraduatElizabeth Clark-Lewise Studies is the past National President of the Association of Black Women Historians; has served on the Executive Board of the Organization of American Historians and the National Council on Public History; and, is one of the founders of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Association-the largest Black family history organization in the world. Professor Clark-Lewis is the author of Synergy (2011) and three other books;  the  co-author of two books; and, has written twenty-one major articles for research journals. She was the co-producer of Freedom Bags, a WETA/PBS documentary that received numerous awards including the Oscar Micheaux Best Documentary Award. Elizabeth Clark-Lewis, originally from Harrisburg, PA, is married to Lawrence Lewis and they are the parents of two adult daughters. As a professor and hand dancer since elementary school, she knows “dance is rooted in the most important traditions African Americans. Dance is one of the best ways to see how African culture – – in spite of enslavement and political oppression – – strengthened African American communities and perpetuates positive social activities in public spaces.”