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Corresponding Secretary, Events Calendar Coordinator

Donna Springs — Corresponding Secretary, Events Calendar CoordinatorDonna Springs

I was born on November 5 at Adams Hospital (private hospital) in Washington, DC. My primary education began in the Allegheny County (PA) public school system until 1956, then transferred to District of Columbia public schools. I attended Wheatley Elementary, Langley Junior High and McKinley Tech Senior High. After graduation from McKinley in 1968, I attended the D.C. Teachers College (now University of the District of Columbia) majored in mathematics education and minored in business education. In 1970, I transferred to Virginia State College (VSC) now Virginia State University (VSU) in Petersburg, VA receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with concentration in accounting. Acquired skills through the years were interpersonal communication, managing personnel and programs, detail-orientation, coordination of events, financial management, counseling, organizational efficiency and resourcefulness. As an only child, I started dancing in the early 60’s with the door knob being my partner. I also watch Teenarama Dance Party on the UHS channel 14 to hone my footwork skills. While serving as corresponding secretary for NHDA, I will serve as the “director of communications” to ensure that all correspondence is picked up weekly from headquarters and distributed to the president for action. I will work closely with the president to ensure that there’s a proper flow of communication and keep the community updated on the organization activities which impact NHDA and the communities and surrounding jurisdictions that we serve which share similar interests to promote, preserve and educate the art form of hand/partner dancing.