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Hand Dance Community Historian

Maxine Grant —  Hand Dance Community HistorianMaxine Grant

Also a native Washingtonian, Maxine Grant was born and raised in the southeast and northwest sections of Washington, D.C.  She retired from the Federal Government after 41 years of service at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food Safety and Inspection Service, as a Printing Specialist. She currently works at a Charter School with pre-k-4 children.

“I have been enjoying the art form of handdancing since I was in middle school, which I would say, in the 1950’s.  Each year the enjoyment of handdancing gets better”.

“I have a real passion for the artform and hope to continue to hand dance in order to keep my body and mind sharpe.  The dance along with the music keeps me going and takes me back to the best times of my life.  With most of the old school hand dancers not coming out and dancing like they use to we have the younger generation who will keep the dance alive and make it their own, like the baby boomers did”.